Hu11 is a Classical and Electronic Sound Artist based in New York City

Hu11 weaves experimental processes, code and electroacoustic instrument performances into music forms that are emotionally engaging and artistically challenging. Hu11 creates hybrid works of futuristic techno textures with tropical syncopation with measures of threes flowing like waves. His work is less thematic and more a recontextualization of sounds into entirely new, vibrant landscapes.

His classical works such as Merry Guesswork (for piano and string quartet) have garnered journalistic praise “‘Merry Guesswork’ is an enjoyable journey of a track, successfully navigating a creative soundscape led by eclectic piano tones and string-laden accompaniments” -Obscure Sound Working as a producer and DJ under the name Hu11 since 1995, Tolleson began working with samplers, sequencers and field recorders in London, England, as he preferred heterogenous sound sources to oscillator-based synthesis. Returning to the U.S. (where he grew up), Hu11 created multi-channel works for the Harvestworks compilation used to demonstrate their new 5.1 studio in New York City (where he lives).

In 2010, he founded the record label Dymaxion Groove which has released works by Dan DeaconSilver ApplesOvalDavid Grubbs (Squirrel BaitThe Red Krayola and Gastr Del Sol), Jad Fair (Half Japanese) and more. Hu11 mixes traditional composition methods and musicianship with algorithmic chance-based works. Hu11 combines cutting-edge technology (including AI), academic theory with a love for sonic exploration.